Devast.io is an online multiplayer survival game. It takes place in a post-apocalyptic environment where players must fight for survival by collecting resources, building shelters, and facing other players.

Survival and Resources

  • Players need to search for resources like wood, stone, and berries to survive.
  • Managing hunger, cold, and health is crucial. Players must find food to stay alive.

Construction and Defense

  • Players can build various types of structures, including shelters, walls, and traps to protect against other players and the elements.
  • They have to craft tools and weapons to improve survival and defense chances.


Click on the Craft button next to the minimap, or click on C to see every craftable items. Crafting recipes include weapons, clothing, tools, and building elements.

Day and Night

The game alternates between day and night. Night is more challenging because temperatures drop quickly. Campfires are essential to survive the night.
At day, your temperature increase so you can't die from cold.
Starting from half a day of play, the night becomes even more dangerous. Ghouls, previously harmless, begin to attack you. Each passing night will introduce a new type of aggressive ghoul. These include:
  • Normal ghouls: Slow but strong.
  • Fast ghouls: Low health and less strength.
  • Explosive ghouls: They carry dynamite that will explode upon their death.
  • Radioactive ghouls: Being near them significantly increases your Geiger counter.

Multiplayer and PvP

Players can choose to cooperate to survive together or to compete for resources.
You can join a team with the button Team, next to the minimap, or create a new one. Your teammates will appear in the minimap.

Progression and Evolution

  • As progress, you can unlock new skills and technologies to improve your survival chances.
  • The game encourages exploration and experimentation to discover new survival strategies.


  • Radioactivity is a constant threat in the world of Devast.io. Irradiated zones can damage you if you stay too long without adequate protection.
  • You can find particularly radioactive areas where it is crucial to have protective equipment such as radiation suits to avoid significant damage.

Irradiated City

  • The irradiated city is a specific area in the game where radiation levels are extremely high. This zone contains valuable resources and rare equipment, enticing to take the risk of entering.
  • To explore the irradiated city, you must be well-prepared, with enough supplies and protective equipment to survive the hostile environment.
  • In addition to resources, the irradiated city can house powerful enemies and other players, making it a dangerous but potentially very lucrative area.

Managing Radioactivity

  • You must manage their exposure to radiation using specific items like anti-radiation pills, protective suits, and monitoring your contamination level through on-screen indicators.
  • Radioactivity can affect your health in the long term, requiring strategic planning to avoid prolonged exposure.

Controls - You can change the commands on the Settings Button

  • Movement: WASD / ZQSD / Arrow keys
  • Craft: C or Craft Button (top left)
  • Team: Team buton (top left)
  • Minimap: M
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