In Ferals.io, jump into a world where tiny creatures like you are on a big adventure! Begin your journey as a cute little bug, munching on yummy fruits to grow bigger and stronger. But be careful! There are bigger animals around who might want a snack. Eat to grow, but watch out for those bigger than you. Can you become the mightiest critter on the playground? Join the fun and see if you can rise to the top in this exciting game! Play and enjoy Ferals.io!

Eat to Evolve

Gather resources by moving towards them to gain experience. You can't consume everything around you. Your diet varies based on your character. Resources you can eat are highlighted by a green circle. As you progress, discover new tasty resources and even potential enemies to feast upon!

Feast or Flee!

You have the ability to consume other animals around you. However, your type can either provide an advantage or be a vulnerability against others.
Flying-type creatures have an advantage over Intelligence types but are vulnerable to Agility types.
Agility types overpower Flying types but are weaker against Strength types.
Intelligence types triumph over Strength types but fall short against Flying types.
Strength types dominate Agility types but are at a disadvantage against Intelligence types.
Green circles indicate creatures you have an advantage against, while red circles show those you might struggle with.

Master or Evolve

When you've accumulated enough experience, you have the option to evolve or retain your current level.

If you opt for evolution, click the 'Evolve' button. You'll be presented with 1 to 3 creatures to choose from. By selecting one, you can view its stats and abilities. Each evolution varies in strength and speed.

If you decide against evolving, you continue to gain experience and levels with your current creature. In this way, even a humble cockroach can become a formidable opponent against a legendary dragon if you've leveled it up sufficiently.

Control your pet

  • Shield button: The pet protects you
  • Sword button: The pet attacks every animals it sees, except sleeping babies
  • Hand button:The pet will stop following you and keep its position
  • Skill button:The pet use its special ability
  • Movement: MOUSE
  • Skill: RIGHT CLICK
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