Footix.io is a cool fast-paced soccer io game. Control your player. Team up with friends and win the match!

How to play!

Getting to the top of the Leaderboard is the main goal of Footix.io. If you think gettin to the top will let you relax and feel safe you're mistaken. Many players will start hunting you at the monent you get on the first place in Footix.io


  • You can throw a wooden chair at your opponents if you are in a hysterical mood.
  • You can call your team members to send the ball to you.
  • You can trip your opponents and make them fall

COMMANDS - You can change the commands on the Settings Button

Movement: W, A, S, D or Arrow keys
Open/Hide the commands: H
Call your friends: E
Slide: Space
Kick: Left Mouse Button
Run: Right Mouse Buttono

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