Oib.io is a micro gestion and strategy io game. Spawn, regroup and split your army to destroy the enemy army, do the best defense or the most strategic attack. Protect your queen and be the leader.


  • If the queen dies, you lose
  • Bigger units are slower than smaller
  • Units lose life with time
  • Queen loses life when she touches enemies
  • Bigger units and queen kill smallest unit by touching it
  • Units and Queen gain XP when they eat other units


  • Queen : The Balanced Class
  • Necromancer : Can reborn dead units but all units are weak
  • Warrior : All units are stronger but slower
  • Angel : Can heal units but all units are weak
  • Witch : Her spell damages all units around her but all unnits are wery weak
  • Flash : Very fast, but also very weak


  • Left click to select an unit
  • Left click + drag to select multiple units
  • Left click and ctrl to select or deselect unit
  • Space bar to select all units
  • Right click to move
  • WASD or arrow keys to move the camera
  • R to focus camera on your Queen
  • 1 to spawn oibs
  • 2 to combine selected oibs
  • 3 to split selected oibs
  • 4 to feed the selected oibs to main character
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