Starve.io is an online multiplayer sandbox survival game. The game takes place in a 2D world where players must survive by collecting resources, crafting items, and defending themselves against hostile creatures and other players

Game Objectives

The main goal in Starve.io is to survive as long as possible by managing various need bars such as hunger, cold, and health.


Players start with their bare hands and must collect different resources to survive and progress:
  • Wood: Obtained by chopping trees. Used to make tools, weapons, and structures./li>
  • Stone: Obtained by mining rocks. Used to make tools and weapons.
  • Food: Berries, fish, rabbits, and other food sources. Essential for keeping the hunger bar filled.
  • Gold, Diamonds, Amethysts, Reidite and Emeralds: Obtained by mining specific rocks. Used to make advanced tools and weapons.
  • Ice and Fire: Used to manage cold and heat, respectively.


Players can craft various items by combining resources in the crafting menu:
  • Tools: Like pickaxes and axes, which allow for more efficient resource gathering.
  • Weapons: Like swords and bows, for defending against creatures and other players.
  • Clothing: To protect against the cold.
  • Structures: Like campfires, walls, doors and much more, to create bases and protect themselves.
  • Food: Like cooked steak, cookies, cake, to keep the hunger bar filled


The game has several biomes, each with specific characteristics:
  • Forest: Rich in wood and berries.
  • Snow: Extremely cold, requires warm clothing.
  • Cave: Inside the snow biome, an ice dragon protects the amethyst.
  • Volcan: Extremely hot, a lava dragon protects the reidite.
  • Desert: Harder to survive in, sandworms protects the emerald.
  • Sea: A kraken lurks inside.
  • Islands: In the middle of the ocean, hiding treasure chests

Day and Night

The game alternates between day and night. Night is more challenging because temperatures drop quickly. Campfires are essential to survive the night.

Creatures and Enemies

Players must defend against various hostile creatures such as:
  • Wolves: Appear in the forest biome.
  • Spiders: Can wrap you in their web.
  • Hawks: Fly in the forest.
  • Polar Bear: Appear in the snow biome.
  • Penguin: Appear in the snow biome.
  • Mammoth and their babies: Appear in the snow biome.
  • Other Players: Players can attack and be attacked by other players, adding a PvP (player versus player) dimension to the game.
  • Ice Dragon: Hiden in the cave.
  • and way more!


Players can move faster with items or animals such as:
  • A sled: Faster in the snow
  • A boat: Faster in the sea
  • A plane: Can fly
  • A tamed boar: Faster in the forest
  • A tamed hawk: Can fly
  • A tamed dragon: Can fly
  • and more!

Cooperation and Competition

Players can choose to cooperate with others by forming alliances to share resources and protect each other, or they can play competitively by attacking other players to steal their resources.
To create a team, they have to craft a Totem.

Survival Strategy

To survive in Starve.io, players must balance resource collection, crafting items, managing their needs (hunger, cold, health), and defending against dangers. Building a strong base and cooperating with other players can increase the chances of survival.

Tame a pet

  • Craft a mount
  • Hit a boar, hawk, king crab, baby mammoth or dragon with your mount./li>
  • The animal will either be angry or tame.
  • Wait for the animal to calm down before hitting it again with your mount.

Controls - You can change the commands on the Settings Button

  • Movement: WASD / ZQSD / Arrow keys
  • Craft: Appears in the top left screen
  • Use item: Click on your inventory bottom of the screen
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